Alpaca clothing

Alpaca clothing is unique - they are all made from alpaca wool. Our range of alpaca sweaters, alpaca gloves, alpaca socks, alpaca scarf and alpaca rugs are stylish and unique. Alpaca clothing is extremely stylish and comfortable to wear.

Alpaca clothing inspires quotes as, "finer than cashmere . . ." "smoother than silk . . ." "softer than cotton . . ." "amazing casual look . . ." "surprising warmth with little weight . . ." "remarkable value . . ." "adds a fresh look to any outfit . . ." "An essential for your casual wardrobe . . ." "you will love in winter´s worst weather . . . " and "breathes better than thermal knits".

Peruvian Jewelry & Unique Gifts

The most brilliant artisans with their unique techniques have designed the best Peru jewelry gifts we can have. We also offer Andean bags, chullos, Andean doll toys, Peru arts & unique gifts from Cusco Peru.


Traditional in the Andes, the Peruvian winter hat or chullo is distinguished by warm earflaps. The use of Alpaca guarantees high quality, extreme softness and warmth. Our chullos are sized to fit an average head perfectly due to the flexible nature of alpaca wool. Ideal for outdoor activities during a cold winter.

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